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What We Do

Program Design

Efficient and innovative programs designed to drive high impact

Startup Services

Executive Management from concept to functioning organization

Strategic Advisory

Guidance at the place where strategy collides with operations


Co-active conversations to help unlock potential in people

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”


Philanthropy can give more than money

The creation and management of great wealth requires skills that have broad application. We help our clients apply their expertise to the social sector.

The business world is full of ideas, systems and processes that drive the creation of value. We believe that many of these tools, while designed for profit, are very applicable to the social impact sector. In fact, when a great business mind focuses on creating social value instead of profit, the effect is transformative.

Seth Cochran founded Cochran Consult LLC along these very principles. An engineer who achieved financial success early in his private equity career, Seth left it all to pursue a career fighting injustice. He has used his business acumen to change systems through Operation Fistula, a venture he founded, and as an advisor/co-founder to multiple other philanthropic initiatives.

We believe that connecting the intent of philanthropy with the efficiency of business offers unimaginable promise for fighting injustice globally.

A strategy is only as good as its execution

The world is full of great ideas and beautiful presentations. But the best concepts have true operating leverage. They are concepts designed for execution by the people who implement them.

“If you want to know how to make a business work better, go and speak to the people operating the machinery of the company. It works the same way in social impact work. The midwife in the remote health center or the social worker in a crowded slum – they know the problems and the solutions. We can help them realize these solutions at scale.”

Our social impact work is based on observation, inquiry and synthesis. Very often, the voiceless people who are closest to the problem have a great deal to say. We connect philanthropy to these innovators and let them transform their systems.

No matter what your topical interest, we can help you find the people and the methods to create a better future.

Our Work Has Helped

If you want to fight injustice, we want to help.

If you are working on something that can end injustice and think we could help, please do get in touch.